Saturday, August 22, 2009

MM Lee and the Aspirations of the Pledge

Watching MM Lee speak on the motion to based govt's policy on the pledge, was quite shocking. MM Lee spoke rather slowly. He moved hesitantly. And in the video on Channel News Asia, at about 2 mins 30 sec, when his proposal to amend the motion was submitted to the Speaker, he asked to sit down.

He stumbled over the year of the American Independence - 1976 instead of 1776.

And he misquoted Martin Luther King Jr's speech as "We Dare to Dream" instead of "I have a Dream". "Dare to Dream" is the name of Khoo Swee Chiow's website and title of his inspirational talk. "Dare to Change" was Chee Soon Juan's manifesto and title of his book.

However as MM Lee spoke, he seem to get more comfortable, his voice got more momentum, and we got more used to his new tempo and cadence.

But it is very obvious that he has aged, and it was sad to see him in the winter of his years.

But still, he spoke with dignity, gravitas, and it was clear that he and his views were respected in the House.

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