Thursday, June 6, 2019

Anwar warns of new ‘racist’ narrative among Malaysians

Mr Anwar Ibrahim said the views of the minorities
on their views of Islam should not be shunned and
they should be given the space to express their opinions.
17 May, 2019

SELANGOR — Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said on Thursday (May 16) that there is a new narrative on racism that needs to be addressed before Malaysia can move forward.

He said the narrative does not only exist within the Malay community, but also in the Indian and Chinese community.

“Some have the perception that racist tool is only within the Malays but this is not true. It is also within the Indian and Chinese races.

["Racist Tool"? Such language from someone who is to be PM!}

“And their narrative is over board [for example] on the issue of poverty, it’s the poverty of the Indians, problems in businesses, it’s the businesses of the Chinese, and the Malay majority is sidelined,” said Mr Anwar, when quizzed whether the May 13 files should be declassified.

Mr Anwar said the narrative should be inclusive of all races, such as the issue on poverty and business opportunities.

Meanwhile, Mr Anwar said the views of the minorities on their views of Islam should not be shunned and they should be given the space to express their opinions.

However, the Port Dickson Member of Parliament said the majority voice should not be silent or worry over the matter to the point of shying away from expressing their views.

“Some Islamic bodies had voiced out to me on their views of these minority groups, in which they found to have conflicting views.

“But the Islamic bodies should be vocal in order to tell the public, whether Muslims and non-Muslims, that the general view is different than the extreme minorities who are trying to dictate or think they are the voice of the Islamic community.

“I disagree with restricting them because I believe we can give a more rational view that is supported by the people in a free and open platform,” Mr Anwar told reporters at the Majlis Iftar Perdana held at Hotel Tenera.

Earlier, Mr Anwar had spoken at the event, which was organised by Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) and Wadah, which is a group made up of mostly former Abim members.

Anwar was the former Abim president from 1974 to 1982.


[There is so much WRONG with his... "warning". (Perhaps something was lost in translation?)

If the Chinese and Indians (and Malays) in Malaysia are racially charged and racist, it is because of the way Malaysia (UMNO/BN etc) set up the politics of Malaysia, historically. The PROBLEM isn't that the Chinese and Indians are as RACIST as the Malays. The PROBLEM is that politics in Malaysia is set up to accentuate Racial tension. The problem is Malaysia is set up to exploit racist tendencies for CHEAP Political Advantage. The Problem is that Malaysia seems to think that it is RIGHT and NATURAL for the Malays to leverage on RACE, and then cry foul (like Anwar is doing now) when the Chinese and the Indians react/respond to protect/defend themselves/their community/their culture/their rights.
The SOLUTION is to move Malaysia away from racist politics, to move away from race-based politics (distinction w/o difference), to move away from Ketuanan Melayu, to Ketuanan Rakyat.
Or as the PAP put it about 55 years ago: a "MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA".

(Or, in the historic case of Singapore, to secede from the Federation.)

PH made that part of their political stance when they won. Then they realised that they are losing the voters. And they have to leverage on race for cheap political advantage.
Good luck. SG realised 55 years ago, that a leopard cannot change its spots, and a racist cannot change his skin colour.
Kicked out of the Federation was the best thing for us and we made the best of it. Can Malaysia solve its problem?
I really do not see it happening in the next 20 years.]

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