To some interesting sites.

On Scientology. This site narrates the experience of an ex-scientologist who has rejected the "religion".

Isaac Asimov is one of the most prolific science fiction writer, and his most popular short story is The Last Question. The question is, how can entropy be reversed? An intriguing answer.

One of my favourite fantasy writer is Terry Pratchett who is also an incredible satirist, in my opinion. The link is to quotations from his books and his interviews.

Most of the time people argue based on anecdotal evidence,  own experience, and other subjective and qualitative evidence. I usually try to use some hard facts. This is the CIA World Fact Book. Hey, it's like having the CIA work for you. They also provide information on World Leaders. I don't use it often, but it's good to have it available.

The internet is rife with urban legend, falsehoods, scams, rumours, and jokes gone horribly wrong (people start to believe them). Debunking these urban legends, rumours and falsehoods is Snopes. If they say it's not true. I believe them. But I will try to check if I am not convince. No one is perfect. Not even Snopes. But they are probably more cautious than most.

And left unchecked (or unrefuted), rumours, falsehoods and jokes gone wrong may end up being Conspiracy Theories. It seems like there is an epidemic of Conspiracy Theories, and a mindset for conspiracy theories.