This Blog

This is my electronic news clipping or "scrapbook" of news articles. Mostly the articles would be from the Straits Times (Singapore) and more recently, Today and Channel News Asia. But I may include articles of interests from other sources (which I will usually indicate).

The reason for cutting and pasting to this blog is for ease of reference (for me), and because over time, some of the links may be changed or deleted. This keeps everything simple for me.

I welcome discussion, alternative interpretations, or reaction or responses, or suggested solutions or just wacky ideas and jokes or irreverent observations about news events.

Mainly, I welcome comments that inform, educate, or entertain.

(So before you comment, please ask yourself, is your comment informative or entertaining. If you simply wish to share an opinion, are you also providing the reasoning for how you arrived at your opinion, or am I supposed to accept your opinion as a matter of faith. If the latter, GFY.)

But see the "Before you comment" page for my position on comments to this blog.

Also, while I may comment on the articles (usually indicated as such, or coloured blue, or in square parenthesis), the articles are news clippings and as such are NOT written by me. Questions and clarifications on the articles will likely be ignored (I am not running an information service and in all probability have no additional information on the articles). 

My comments within this blog will be minimal and more as an aide memoire for me - to remind me what issues or thoughts the article triggered in me. Sometimes I may comment at length for my own reasons.