Saturday, January 12, 2008

News Clash

12 Jan 2008

Minister Mentor, now referred to by the press as Singapore's Founding Father said that "Retirement is Death" at SICEX (Silver Industry Convention & Exhibition). Meanwhile, HDB has tracked down a 75 yr old hawker who they say they had incorrectly paid $18k for her stall in 2003. She has 3 weeks to repay.

The hawker has agreed to repay the $18k but has requested for a stall to replace the one she gave up for $18k. She is quite happy to go back to work, as she misses the friends, and that retirement has not been that great for her.

In another story, Shinzo Abe gave excruciating details of his bowel problems - going to the loo 30 times a day - for which he blames his decision to quit the Japanese Premiership. At the same time, the Seoul subway authority has started to install toilets in the train driver's compartment after one of it's drivers plunged to his death while attempting to relieve himself on a train while it was in motion (passing motion while the train is in motion?).

Seoul Metro believes this will help their staff better focus on transporting their citizens safely.

I should hope so.

Now if only some previous Japanese PM with bowel problems had had an accident, maybe Abe could have held his job longer...

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