Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tudung! Lipstick! Tigers! Oh why?

The headlines this week was a story of depression and desperation.

On Tue (Nov 11), "Man wearing tudung, lipstick tries to to rob bank" was a tale of a desperate man doing a desperate (and ridiculous) act.

Friday's (Nov 14) headlines, "Cleaner killed by zoo tigers" (picture above from Straits Times) told the story of a deeply disturbed man who decided to leave this world with a desperate attempt to draw attention to himself and his dire straits.

Possible headlines next week:

"Man in tudong, lipstick robs white tigers"

"Cross-dresser in tudong, puts lipstick on white tigers. Oh wait. That's blood."

"White tigers in tudung kills man for lipstick."

"Man disguised as white tiger robs bank."

"Bank imposes a 'No tudung. No Lipstick. No white tigers.' policy"

"Tiger Woods to play wearing tudung and lipstick"

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