Monday, February 16, 2009

16-year-old claims he's dad, not Alfie

Feb 16, 2009

He wants DNA test, while a third teen is worried he may have fathered newborn baby

LONDON: - A second teenage boy last night claimed that he - and not 13-year-old Alfie Patten - is the father of 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman's newborn baby, Maisie.

Richard Goodsell, 16, insisted he often shared a bed with Chantelle over a period of three months around the time she became pregnant, and he demanded a DNA test to prove he is the daddy, News of the World reported.

Young mum Chantelle and baby-faced Alfie made headlines around the world last week when they told their story, vowing they would be good parents to their daughter.

However, British media reports said it has emerged that Chantelle was having sex with at least three local youths around the same time the baby was conceived.

Now, Tyler Barker, 15, says he fears he might have fathered the child.

Clouding the issue further, News of the World reported that Chantelle's sex life featured at least eight boys.

Richard, a trainee chef, says he had sex with her at least three times at her home in Sussex.

He says he was the first in a series of teenage lovers she had from the time she moved into the neighbourhood nearly two years ago. He says that after they split, he discovered she was sleeping with several boys in the area.

He argued: 'Only a DNA test is going to sort this out properly. If I am the father, I have the right to know.'

Alfie has vowed to take the test to prove he is the father, to silence the gossip and protect Chantelle's reputation, The People reported.

He insisted: 'I am the only boyfriend she has had and we've been together for two years, so I must be the dad.'

The only one not fighting over paternity rights is anxious schoolboy Tyler, who admits he is 'worried' because he too slept with Chantelle, about nine months ago. 'I hope it is not me,' he said.

Richard and Tyler and their parents have made sworn statements before a solicitor detailing the nights of sex that the boys had with Chantelle. But Chantelle's family insists that she lost her virginity to Alfie and that the baby is his.

Tyler's dad, Mr Chris Ireland, claims that Chantelle's mother and Richard's were embroiled in a huge row in the street months ago. He says it was 'over rumours that the father of the baby was Richard'.

[I'm going to sound like an old git. It used to be that getting a girl pregnant before marriage is not something one is proud of, but now 13 yr olds are becoming fathers with 15 yr-old girls and a bunch of other 16 yr-old boys are trying to claim credit?! And quite shamelessly too! About the only one who is behaving "normally" is Tyler. It's all about the publicity, and the money. And where are the parents? If there is a story about children giving birth to children, what I'd want to know is what are the parents doing about this and what if anything had they done to try to prevent this or protect their children? A story without the parents speaks to the attitude the society has about the story. That the parents are not participants in the story? Have no role in the story? Have no say in the lives of their children?]

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