Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Single Women, one married man.

I read 3 articles by 3 regular columnists in the Sunday Times today.

The first was by a single woman who frequently shared her dating and singlehood angst in her columns. By now she has said that she has accepted her singlehood, but I think the lady doth protesteth too much. Anyway, her column today started with the Heinekan TV commercial (lady with walk in closet, man with walk-in refrigerator stocked with Heinekan beer). and meandered into her problems with buying clothes. My brain exploded from sheer inanity at that point and I did not finish reading the article.

The second was by a recent father about changing diapers for his daughter in the wee hours of the morning to spare his wife the stress and fatigue. Nice husband. He writes well, and his sharing of his paternal night duties was cute.

The third article was by a lady doctor, also single, who shared about her friend whom she called "an everyday hero". He struggled to walk, and was in constant pain, but his attitude to life was still good and positive.

3 articles. 2 single women. One married man. My takeaway: If you're single, talking about your personal problems is just plain pathetic and self-centred. A married person talking about parenting issues could be cute. A single person should talk about larger things like people who inspires.

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