Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not allowed to shop alone... how about together?

[Ris Low and an architect charged with theft have both been given probation with the condition the neither should be allowed to shop alone.

So... they can shop (lift) together?]

Oct 6, 2009
Not allowed to shop alone
By Elena Chong

DETHRONED beauty queen Ris Low has been barred from shopping alone and must be accompanied by a family member at all times when she is out.

These are among the stricter conditions imposed by a District Judge on Tuesday when she turned up in court for a review of her 24 months supervised probation.

District Judge May Mesenas also wants her to continue her psychiatric treatment and counselling for her bipolar disorder, and take specific instructions from her psychiatrist.

'Whatever he advises you, whatever symptoms you have, you need to tell your doctor. Don't keep it to yourself. He needs to know everything so that he could give you the best treatment possible... so that you can get better,' the judge told Ms Low, who was dressed in a lime green long-sleeve hooded jacket and dark blue jeans.

The controversial ex-beauty queen who decided to give up her crown last week, said she would comply with the additional conditions.

She was given a chance and put on probation in May after she admitted to two charges each of cheating and cheating by impersonation, and one of misappropriation.

Oct 6, 2009
He's not allowed to shop alone
Man with depressive disorder gets 3 years' probation instead of jail for theft spree
By Elena Chong
A FORMER architect who was placed on three years' probation yesterday will not be allowed to go shopping alone.

Whenever Chia Leng has to buy something, he must be accompanied by a family member at all times.

This is one of the conditions placed on the 45-year-old who had earlier admitted to six charges, mainly of theft. Thirteen other charges were considered.

Chia, who is suffering from a major depressive disorder, has been jailed four times previously for theft and once for cheating in Hong Kong.

At the last hearing in August, the court was told that a long prison sentence could worsen Chia's mental condition and hinder his rehabilitation.

District Judge May Mesenas accepted the prosecution's request to place Chia on 36 months' probation, instead of 24 months as recommended by his probation officer.

Chia's elder brother, who was in court, signed a $5,000 bond to ensure his brother's good behaviour.

The man's crime spree began in June 2006, when he asked to use the mobile phone of a staff member at the GNC health supplements store at Orchard Shopping Centre. Chia's excuse was that his own phone's battery was low and he was waiting for an urgent message.

He then fled with the $700 phone.

About a month later, he used the same tactic on an employee of Simply Nails at Holland Shopping Centre.

In May 2007, he stole $2,000 from the wallet of an acquaintance at a restaurant in Goodwood Park Hotel.

Between May last year and March this year, Chia shoplifted at three stores, getting away with $492 worth of items.

Asked if he had anything to say yesterday, Chia said he was confident of being cured of his depression and 'sickness'.

Judge Mesenas said a lot would depend on him.

'If you don't follow these conditions strictly and reoffend during these three years, you know the consequences - you will be brought back to court and you can be sent to prison for these charges,' she told him.


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