Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry, Fill My Cups event was a play on DJ's moniker

Jan 25, 2010

I REFER to last Thursday's letter, 'Wrong to promote women as sex objects', by the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware), on its displeasure over the Fill My Cups promotion held at OverEasy bar on Jan 16.

The party was primarily a guest DJ event that originated as a play on the DJ's name, DCUP. It was never our intention to create an event to, in any way, diminish or denigrate women but a tongue-in-cheek play on the DJ's moniker.

The women who participated came dressed as they pleased, whether clad in a tank top or turtleneck, and were visually assessed by four individuals behind a booth, three of whom were women. None of the women was turned away because she did not meet any set standards and all who participated (regardless of size) received the promised privilege.

Upcoming events intend to reward customers who possess the biggest biceps, the smallest shoe size and the longest hands. As with this promotion, we hope these will not be viewed through a discriminatory lens but rather seen as a celebration of individuality and uniqueness.

In the light of Aware's comments, The Lo & Behold Group sincerely apologises to all who were offended by the event. We fully understand the relevance of Aware's contentions and can see how our intentions could have been easily misconstrued.

Aware suggests that choices should be made based on a particular social context. We feel that such context is an individual preference and that people should not be made to feel guilty for making their own choices.

We hope Aware will extend to us the tolerance to express ourselves in ways different from its own ways, to be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while and not be too quick to shade this event in a discriminatory light.

As an alternative to Aware's view, we believe society has evolved sufficiently to look beyond equating a woman's assets as sex objects. Furthermore, we believe that recognition of one's physical assets does not detract from an individual's ability to gain respect through other attributes.

We respect Aware's opinion, but it is more important not to undermine the patrons who chose to participate in the event. They are modern, confident individuals who know their place in society and that their self-worth is not based solely on their 'assets'. We respect and stand by them.

Cheryl Ho (Miss)
Spokesman for The Lo & Behold Group

[Bravo! This is an example of a great response to a petty knee-jerk complaint. The reply was intelligent, respectful, but also showed self-respect for the programme as well as for the women who participated in their promotion. In acknowledging AWARE's opinion, it did not betray their customers. And finally, Miss Ho (not Ms) signed off as the "Spokesman" not Spokesperson, or Spokeswoman. Bravo!]

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