Friday, February 5, 2010

Light moments in dialogue with MM Lee

Jan 28, 2010
Light moments at the dialogue

THERE were several light-hearted moments during the dialogue yesterday. Here are two:

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew: 'I was on an SIA flight coming home and the air hostess who was serving me, I saw she had a wedding ring, so I said, 'Any children?' She said, 'Not yet.' I said, 'What are you waiting for?' She said, 'For my flat.' So I said, 'Have you got one?' She said, 'Yes, I've got one at Pinnacle@Duxton, on the 48th floor. And I got it on the first booking.' (That's) when the price was lowest. So I said, 'Well, remember that when voting comes.' '

Professor Tommy Koh: 'I'd like to ask you to now help us think forward. You've always thought ahead of the wave, you've always raised the bar for us as a nation. We've done very well in the last 50 years. Now, as you look forward, do you have any new ambitions for us in HDB, in public housing, in making Singapore one of the world's greenest, most sustainable, most liveable cities?'

MM Lee: 'No, I think my job was to hand over to a group of people who can do the job better than me now. I mean, I am not 35 years old.'

Prof Koh: 'We are all afraid that you still think like you're 35.' (audience roars with laughter).

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