Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jailed for sex with minor

Mar 8, 2010
By Khushwant Singh

A 14-YEAR-OLD student, eager to work as a part-time sales assistant to earn some pocket money, posted her curriculum vitae on the Internet on Oct 22, 2008.

The next day, Sheik Esmail Raja Abdeen, 28, a director of shipping agent Far Eastern Services, sent her a text message hiring her to 'accompany a man'.

He picked her up in his car at the Kembangan MRT station at 4pm. At a multi-storey car park in Marine Parade, she agreed to have sex with him for $600. He also filmed her performing fellatio on him.

Later, he handed over $50, promising to transfer the rest into her bank account.

Six days later when the money did not come, she went to the police.

A district court on Monday jailed Sheik Esmail 1 1/2 years. He was also fined $2,000 for having four obscene video filmlets on his cell phone.

[Here is an example of poor reporting and/or failed justice in Singapore. We want to know, did she get the rest of the $550?!?!? Did the Judge remember to set this right?!?!

Lessons to be learnt:

a) there's a reason prostitutes don't give credit.

b) If you're going to have illegal sex (underaged sex) have the decency to fulfil your promise or she might report you and you will get in trouble with the law.

c) penny-wise pound foolish. Saving $550 cos you're a cheapskate could mean 18 months jail and $2000 fine. And your job. And your salary. Don't be cheap. More important, don't be a cheapskate criminal.]

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