Friday, July 16, 2010

2 won't air anti-mosque ad

Jul 16, 2010

NEW YORK - TWO US networks are refusing to air a slick, highly confrontational ad by a group protesting plans for a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, US media reported on Thursday.
The ad takes a radical stand against the 'monstrous 13-storey mosque' which supporters bill as a chance to heal post-9/11 tensions and which so far has support from New York City officials.

US media, including the Politico website, quoted sources at NBC and CBS networks saying they were refusing to screen the video, titled Kill The Ground Zero Mosque. 'On 9/11 they declared war against us,' the video says against a backdrop of militants firing weapons and footage of hijacked airplanes slamming into the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001.

'That mosque is a monument to their victory and an invitation to more... Join the fight to kill the Ground Zero mosque.' NBC Universal's advertising standards manager Jennifer Riley wrote that the ad never clarifies whether references to 'they' mean terrorists or the Islamic organisation sponsoring the mosque project. 'Consequently, the ad is not acceptable,' she said, Politico reported.

The video has already received more than 139,000 hits on YouTube and is funded by an organisation called National Republican Trust, which is not part of the Republican Party.

Supporters say the proposed Islamic centre and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero will transform negative stereotypes about Islam that have been widespread in the city and across the country since 9/11. The group behind the project has already purchased the building and is waiting for permission from the city landmarks commission to raze the structure and begin construction. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other prominent city officials have spoken in favour of the idea. -- AFP

["Love your neighbours. Hate your enemies. Do good to those who do good to you or who may do good to you someday. And do bad things to those who do bad things to you or before they do bad things to you. Even the tax collectors do that. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

But we have been taught better than that. 'Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. You must be perfect just as your father in heaven is perfect.'

This is an opportunity for Americans to show that they respect freedom and liberty. Freedom to worship, and Freedom of association.

This is an opportunity for Americans to show that they know the difference between peace-loving people and violent, murderous, deviant, religious fanatics.

This is an opportunity for Americans to show that those who come with a prayerful soul are welcome.

But if we let the hate-mongers win, then ground zero would once again be the scene of another defeat for the spirit of freedom and liberty.

If we let the fear of something different prevail, then the terrorists of 9/11 would have won again, terrorising us 9 years after the fact with an irrational fear of a place of worship.

If we let the pettiness overrule our values and principles, then the twin towers of Freedom and Liberty would have once again fallen victim to the violence of irrationality, unthinking hate, and callous ignorance.]

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