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Electricity Generation in Singapore

Jun 11, 2011
Power supply to Tenaga: Deal to end on June 15
EMA has received no requests to extend PowerSeraya's contract

By Aaron Low

THE Government will consider any requests that may emerge for local firms to sell more electricity to Malaysia, the Energy Market Authority said yesterday.

But it has so far not received any such requests to extend an existing short-term deal to supply electricity to Malaysia's Tenaga Nasional, it added.

Singapore's PowerSeraya, owned by Malaysia's YTL Power, is supplying power to Tenaga until next Wednesday.

This is to plug a gap in supply caused by maintenance works of gas production platforms owned by Malaysian state oil company Petronas.

This is the first time such a cross-border sale of electricity between the two countries has been done, the Business Times reported.

Yesterday, EMA said it granted approval for PowerSeraya to export electricity to Malaysia but has so far not been asked to extend the supply beyond June 15.

'If there are further requests to buy electricity from Singapore, EMA will carefully assess these requests for export of electricity on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the electricity demand and supply situation in Singapore and any system security concerns,' it added.

EMA said Singapore's total power generation capacity is about 9,800 megawatts (MW), while its peak demand for electricity is around 6,500 MW.

Tenaga chief executive Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohammad Noh had told Malaysia's The Star newspaper the power purchase was made to ensure supply security. 'We are buying 180 MW only, which represents about 1.5 per cent of total demand,' he told the paper.

Separately, Petronas also issued a statement yesterday, explaining that it had had to limit the supply of gas to customers as it carried out scheduled maintenance of two of its facilities.

The planned maintenance exercises, which were completed by June 4, were carried out to ensure the integrity of the systems and processes at the facilities.

Petronas said the exercises 'required a total shutdown of the facilities, resulting in a reduction of supply of natural gas to our customers during the maintenance periods'.

Customers had been notified of the planned maintenance works before the shutdowns so they could prepare for the smaller supply, said Petronas.

'The maintenance works were successfully completed as per their schedules and the supply situation to the customers has since improved,' it added.

From CIA World Factbook:
Electricity - production:
39.21 billion kWh (2008 est.)
country comparison to the world: 54

Electricity - consumption:
37.11 billion kWh (2008 est.)
country comparison to the world: 55

These are annual figures.

6,500 MW = 6,500,000,000 w per hour.  Annual (X24hrs X 365 days) = 56,940,000 MW. But this is peak demand.
37,11billion kw = 37,110,000,000,000 w = 37,110,000 MW

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