Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No American Airport In Top 25

April 30, 2013

by Egberto Willies 

America continues its race to the bottom of the pile because of a government that refuses to do the things that made us the great nation we were and should be. President Obama gave a news conference today and made a statement I simply had to fact check because it seemed unbelievable.

Not one American airport was in the top 25. You can find the Skytrax ranking here. The first American airport to appear, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl Airport, comes in at number 30. The first major hub in the US appears at number 36, Denver.

While we continue to cut and cancel projects to upgrade our infrastructure, we are being passed by many. Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Beijing, Munich, Vancouver, Tokyo, Auckland, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Narita, Cape Town, Tambo, Lima, Melbourne, and many others are all ranked above us. These are in industrialized, 2nd world, and third world countries.

So as the little undisciplined boys and girls in Congress implement stop gap measures to relieve the inconvenience of delayed flight to both themselves and the more affluent by shifting monies that would otherwise go to improve airports, America falls behind. This shortsightedness of our politicians is fatal to our middle class. Infrastructure isn’t built overnight. Bad infrastructure hurts efficiency and is partially responsible for our American companies and international companies seeking better venues.

Those that continue to preach patriotism should take heed. Their intransigence in Congress, their belief in the proven fraud that is an austerity policy and their disdain for taxing appropriately those that have sucked most of the sweet juice out of America makes them the most unpatriotic bunch. We all know who they are, Right Wing Tea Party Republicans. This is neither partisan nor conjecture. It is fact. It is fact that they killed the bill. It is fact that they killed the infrastructure bill. It is fact that they refused to close loopholes to mitigate the sequester.

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian, or an “other”, it is your patriotic duty to force your representative to do what is best for your district, your state, and your country. While one can blame those who are casting votes in Washington, those voting for these obstructionist must take responsibility. We do get the government we deserve. 2014 is near. What say you?

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