Saturday, July 19, 2008

Singapore's Hot Girls

Extract from:
Where to find the sexiest girls in the world (outside the US)

It’s all about the accent. Singaporean English (Singlish) is at once sophisticated, endearing, cute, and sexy. Somewhere between public school Londoner, New Delhi socialite, and urban Chinese, this is English as it should be spoken.

Singapore’s year round humidity and relative affluence means that the summer range of fashion is constantly updated and the ladies of this micro-state are always a step ahead of it. Fashion-conscious, self aware, and demure, Singapore is smoldering!

[So an outsider has actually found Singlish to be "sophisticated, endearing, cute, and sexy." And calls it "English as it should be spoken." And I've been trying so hard to not speak Singlish!]

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