Tuesday, July 15, 2008

White card immigration ruling put off till Aug 15

July 15, 2008

JOHOR BARU - MALAYSIA'S Immigration Department has postponed enforcing the ruling that requires foreigners, including Singaporeans, to fill in disembarkation forms.

The ruling was to have been enforced from Wednesday.

In a statement on Monday, the department announced that the ruling would only be enforced from Aug 15 now.

No reason was given for postponing the enforcement of the ruling, said a report in the New Straits Times on Tuesday.

Foreigners have been exempted from filling in the forms, popularly known as 'white cards' since Jan 20.

Since then, all that they have to do is hand over their passports for verification and scanning. The move was aimed at easing traffic flow at border points.

Singaporeans, especially regular visitors, have expressed dismay over the enforcement of the ruling as it will mean longer queues at Immigration checkpoints and traffic build-up.

Statistics show that some 23,500 Singaporeans enter the city every day. They spend RM5.3 million (S$2.2 million) daily on food, shopping and entertainment.

Both the Johor Tourist Guides Association and the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Association (Southern Johor) are worried that enforcing the ruling will deter Singaporeans from visiting frequently.

[Malaysia needs to get its act together. So far their track record for policy implementation has been shoot off their mouth first, think later, change mind, say something else, think of something else, say another thing, then someone else say something, then change mind, then have some big shot say something to finally lay all the concerns and uncertainty to rest, then do something totally different from what was said by the big shot and embarrass and undermine his and Malaysia's overall credibility.]

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