Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making Sense of this World


As we were exhilarated by the F1, in another part of the world, leaders were working hard to figure a way out of the financial mess created by irresponsibility and greed. Meanwhile in the other side of the world, ordinary parents were in turns angry and grieving that greed and irresponsibility had poisoned the food that was to have been the source of nutrition for their children. As consumers worry about which food or product will next be identified as contaminated by melamine-laced milk from China, it is becoming clear that the extent of cover-up stretches to the Chinese central government concerned with its image and the successful parlay of the Beijing Olympics into the showcase for China that it is supposed to be. With this cover-up and yet another tainted food product, the credibility, sincerity, and commitment of the Chinese government to put people and their safety first and the government's precious image where it truly belongs is going to be suspect at best.

The long reach of the tainted products show that this is not an isolated incident, but is very likely a systematic adulteration of milk by greedy, irresponsible people.

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