Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woman jailed two weeks for making false molest report

Posted: 14 October 2010 1450 hrs

SINGAPORE: A woman was sentenced to two weeks' jail for giving false information to the authorities.

Afraid that she would be scolded for returning home late one night, Siti Nur Baizura Aman lied to her fiancée that she was molested by three men near Griffiths Primary School at Tampines Street 22.

This prompted her fiancée to make a police report at around 1:30am on October 3 last year.Siti told the same lie about two hours later to an officer who was on duty that morning at Bedok North Neighbourhood Police Centre.

She maintained that she was molested by three men when another officer interviewed her two days later and claimed that she was molested by three Malay men who were wearing red t-shirts.

When the authorities on October 16 showed her photographs of possible suspects who may have committed the crime, Siti finger-pointed one man claiming that he was one of the trio who had molested her.

Police also viewed close-circuit television footages taken from all possible public buses that had passed by the area where the supposed crime had taken place but could not find anybody who fit Siti's description.

The plump, bespectacled woman only admitted that she had told lies after she was interviewed on October 21.

For giving false information to the authorities, the plump, bespectacled woman was sentenced on Thursday to two weeks' jail.

[Alright! Alright! You don't have to mention she's plump and bespectacled TWICE! Was that what tipped the police off that she was lying? The fact that they have no suspects and no ex-cons who have a fetish for plump bespectacled women? Or that she was too plump to be molested?]

Siti could have been jailed up to year and fined a maximum of $5,000. - CNA/fa

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