Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Snapshots - Carbon Emissions

From an AP news article on climate, this excerpt about carbon emissions.
"China has tripled its emissions from 3 billion tons to 11 billion tons a year. The emissions from the US have gone up more slowly, about 6 per cent, from 5.4 billion tons to 5.8 billion tons. India also has tripled its emissions, from 860 million tons to 2.6 billion tons. Only European countries have seen their emissions go down, from 4.5 billion tons to 3.8 billion tons."


China with almost 1.4b people now emits 11 billion tons of carbon.
US with 300 million people (1/4 of China's population) puts out 5.8 billion tons. More than half what China puts out.

Europe with 750 million people emits 3.8 billion tons. That is actually quite good for an industrialised region.

India, with almost 1.3 billion people only puts out 2.6 billion tons. 

On a per capita basis, India is lowest at 2 tons per person (approx.). 

Europe is 5 tons.

US is about 16 tons per person. 

China by comparison, is only about 8 tons per person.

According to this list, Singapore puts out about 7 tons per capita in 2008. Down from 15.6 tons in 1990.

China's tripling of emissions still puts them at the 55th position, or just slightly higher than Singapore.

The US is ranked 12th with 17.2 tons per capita.

Canada is not far behind at 14th with 15.2 tons.

Australia, at 11th, is ranked higher than the US. It puts out 18.3 tons per person.

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