Thursday, March 26, 2015

Members of public queue overnight to pay respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

By Xue Jianyue,


26 Mar 2015

Many took advantage of the extension of hours to queue in the wee hours of Thursday morning to pay their last respects to Singapore's founding Prime Minister, before heading off to work or school.

SINGAPORE: Madam Coreen Tan, 36, and her family arrived at 5.30am on Thursday (March 26) to join the queues of people waiting to pay their final respects to former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, whose body is lying in state at the Parliament House.

Mdm Tan, who works in a church and had to report to work by 8.30am, arrived early to get around her work schedule. She was accompanied by her 41-year-old husband Matthew Quek and her 12-year-son, who too had to report to work and school, respectively, this morning.

Mdm Tan and family were among thousands of Singaporeans who queued in the wee hours of Thursday morning around the Parliament House. Apart from private transport, many came via MRT trains which are now running round the clock to cater to the overwhelming response from the public.

Compared to the crowd on Wednesday, when queues to Parliament House reached as far as Fort Canning and Boat Quay, the overnight queues were relatively shorter and fast moving.

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) student James Leong, 22, arrived to queue at 1am and waited 2.5 hours before he could enter the Parliament House. He relied on the MRT to reach the Parliament House. “My schedule is full. My lessons are from 9am to 6pm,” he said.

[SMRT has been given notice. If the train breaks down anytime this week, they will have to answer to the Man.]

Lawyer Gerald Tan, 30, woke up at 4am in the morning and arrived at the Esplanade bridge in office attire. “I thought this was the best time to avoid long waiting times. I only waited about 45 minutes,” said Mr Tan, adding that he will be heading straight to work at 9am.

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel were also seen setting up metal fences and tentage on the Padang at around 4.30am. Shortly before dawn, the authorities started directing incoming visitors to a new queue at the Padang. The authorities also continued water distribution to visitors overnight.

[SG will set a new standard for other countries. Next time a dictator in North Korea (we're looking at you, Fat Boy!) dies, the authorities will require the populace to queue overnight to pay their respect to show their love for their "Dear Leader". 

Sorry North Koreans! We didn't mean to cause you trouble!]

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