Sunday, May 17, 2020

Singapore. In Circuit Breaker mode

This is Singapore in Circuit Breaker mode.

What is "Circuit Breaker mode"?

" ... PM Lee has gone out of his way to call this a "circuit breaker" when for all intents and purposes, it is a "Lock down" is that for Singaporeans, subtlety is not our forte. Nor nuances. Nor flexibility. Nor tolerance. We do not like 50 shades of grey. For us, it is black and white. Binary. Do or die.
Call this a "lock down", and vigilantes will take it upon themselves to enforce the lock down. Or at least call the police.
But call it a circuit breaker and Singaporeans are confused. Or at least left with an ill-defined concept that requires negotiation. Which they are (mostly) not good at (witness a Singaporean trying to haggle overseas).
The person may have a legitimate reason for not masking. Finding out would require a conversation. With an unmasked person.
Of course if you have GOOD reason to suspect that the unmasked person is a danger to others, then by all means you are required to take action. But if not, Ahmaud Arbery."

Circuit Breaker is "Lockdown" but for Singaporeans.

This (the video) is Singapore standing (almost completely) still.

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