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Swift Justice in Singapore (A.K.A. "History is written by winners"... in exile... on Douyin...)

China "Karen"

'History is written by winners': Woman, 29, who verbally abused SGH nurse & deported to China

She was deported after spending 29 days behind bars.

Winnie Li

November 09, 2023

The woman who verbally abused a Singapore General Hospital staff and was jailed and deported for it, has taken to social media to write: "History is written by winners." 

Her latest update online came in the form of a Douyin video posted at around 1:20am on Nov. 9, 2023.

[Right! Losers tiktok & Douyin... Or blog. Like me. :-( ]

While 29-year-old Han Feizi was believed to have changed the privacy setting of the clip shortly after uploading it, a Douyin user was able to screenshot it and share it with Shin Min Daily News.

In the four-second-long video, Han showed her face in front of the camera before showing her audience her surroundings, which was believed to be a golf court.

Her post also revealed that she published the video while using an IP (Internet Protocol) address in China's Guangdong province.

The caption of the video read: "History is written by winners." 

Han deported after spending 29 days behind bars

On Nov. 8, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) confirmed with Lianhe Zaobao that Han had been deported after finishing her sentence and would be barred from re-entering Singapore.

She was previously sentenced to five weeks and five days in jail, in addition to a S$600 fine, on Oct. 25.

The Singapore Prison Service told Shin Min that Han was released after completing two-thirds of her sentence, or 27 of the 40 days jail term given, starting from Oct. 11, the day of her arrest.

However, she had to spend two extra days behind bars because she did not pay the S$600 fine.

["What? No Discount for Social Media Influencer? One star!"]


On Oct. 13, Han received six charges for the incidents at the Singapore General Hospital and The Sail @ Marina Bay.

On Oct. 24, she was handed two additional charges for allegedly falsely declaring her occupation in her work permit application.

[Actually, "Sex Worker"? I'm sorry, "Influencer" is NOT an occupation. It is at best narcissism.]

In total, Han faced eight charges, which include:
  • One count of public nuisance;
  • Two counts of using abusive language against public service worker or public servant;
  • Two counts of assaulting or using criminal force on security officer;
  • One count of intentionally causing harassment; and
  • Two counts under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
The other three charges were taken into consideration during her sentencing.

[Mothership was so good as to provide a link to the original report:]

Woman reportedly ‘abusive’ towards nurse after allegedly waiting 3 hours at SGH A&E, police involved

Videos of the woman arguing with a plainclothes police officer were uploaded onto TikTok.

Matthias Ang
Lee Wei Lin 

October 12, 2023

A woman was involved in a heated discussion with a police officer at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), after the officer attempted to get a statement from her about allegedly using expletives at a nurse.

The woman claimed that she waited for three hours at the hospital's Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. She was there after she was allegedly involved in a car accident.

In response to Mothership's queries, SGH replied that the woman had turned abusive towards staff on duty at the emergency department when she was handed a mask and reminded to put one on, as per the Ministry of Health's (MOH) guidelines in hospitals.

According to SGH, she did not calm down despite the repeated attempts of the hospital's clinical and security staff, and the police were activated.

Two videos of the woman's argument with a female police officer in Mandarin were uploaded onto TikTok by user @garygaryocp.

Both appeared to have been shot from the woman's perspective.

Woman questioned by police if she hurled vulgarities at hospital staff

The first video shows a plainclothes police officer repeatedly questioning the woman if she had uttered expletives at the hospital staff.

The woman did not give a direct answer, and instead mentioned that she had yet to see the doctor for an injury to her foot sustained from the accident, despite having waited for three hours.

The woman then asked the officer show her employee identification and at one point, is seen attempting to reach out for the pass, to which the officer warned, "Don't touch me."

When the woman reiterated her point about waiting for three hours, the officer replied:

"Does this mean you can use vulgarities on the nurse?"

Midway through the video, the camera pans to show a police officer in uniform, and a second plainclothes officer who can be heard asking the woman to put down her phone.

The second video starts with the officer telling the woman, who wanted to report the driver of the car which allegedly came into contact with her, that the report would have to be filed at the police station. The officer added that such incidents are to be reported to the traffic police.

She reiterated the woman that she was there to get her statement about her alleged use of expletives on hospital staff.

When the officer asked the woman if she would provide her statement, the woman refused and demanded that she be brought to the police station immediately.

The woman added, "Ask all the police officers in Singapore to come here."

Woman's reason for anger at the driver

Following several more heated exchanges, the woman revealed that she was upset at the driver for apparently not helping her even though she had been on the ground for 20 minutes, following a frontal collision.

According to the woman, she told the driver she was fine at first and that there was no need to take responsibility.

However, she became upset when the driver told others at the scene that she was fine, and did not assist her.

This led to the woman demanding that the driver either help her, pay her S$5,000 or send her to the hospital. The driver chose to drive the woman to the hospital. 

The video then ends with the police officer confirming with the woman that she does not want to leave a statement.

SGH: Patient was discharged two hours after arrival

[Note: "Patient" here denotes her ascribed role, not her temperament.]

According to SGH, the woman [i.e. the Impatient patient] was discharged about two hours after she arrived at the ED, following a clinical review.

The hospital added:

"By refusing to wear a mask, the patient had put others around her, particularly our vulnerable patients, at risk. Her behaviour was disruptive to the operations as the hospital had to deploy more manpower to attend to the case at the expense of other ED patients who were waiting to be seen."

SGH added that its current priority is to support affected colleagues and ensure that the emotional and psychological well-being of the their team is being care for.

The Singapore Police Force was quoted by Lianhe Zaobao as saying that investigations are currently ongoing.

[From the first article, the convict (this will be how I reference her in this comment. It is factual.) was arrested on 11 Oct. Which was also considered the start of her prison term, retroactively. She was then charged in court on 13 Oct (within 48 hours of her arrest, as per the Criminal Procedure Code or something, please don't rely on this comment to pass your law exam). Two further charges relating to her false declaration as to her occupation was made on 24 Oct. (Based on her Douyin post post-conviction and sentence, she may have been a historian!) 
On 25 Oct, she was convicted and sentenced to 5 weeks and 5 days jail, and fined $600. However, as this poor China Karen refused to pay the $600 fine, she had to enjoy the hospitality of the Singapore Prison Service for another 2 days in lieu of paying the fine. She was (probably) released on 8 Nov (29 days from her arrest) straight to Changi Airport, right through immigration (No Jewel for you!) and security (I assume. Deportees shouldn't be allowed to roam our airports unsupervised right?), and straight into the plane. "Well removed the handcuffs once you are in your assigned seat, ma'am." (Here, I'm hoping. Technically, she's no longer a prisoner. But Immigration ordered that she should be deported, so... no handcuffs? Damn!)
From arrest (11 Oct) to conviction and sentencing (25 Oct) was about 2 weeks. After 29 days in prison, she was released and deported. Probably on or about 8 Nov. So... abuse public servant on 11 Oct, and less than one month later, deported (8 Nov). 
Definition of Swift Justice.
For Singapore, Justice must be swift to remain just. It is unjust to drag out the process. Justice is diluted or diffused when delayed. 
Social/Cultural Commentary. It may well be that growing up in a less efficient country, one learns to make a fuss in order to secure service. Maybe this is what the convict learned growing up in China. And she thinks she needs to do the same in Singapore. Maybe, 
Or maybe she's just a China Karen.
The A&E dept of any hospital will triage patients as they arrived. Those with real emergencies (profused bleeding, unconscious, not breathing, etc) would be tended to immediately. Attention-seeking self-proclaimed social media influencer or "historian" with an alleged boo-boo on her foot will be attended to after stopping the profused bleeding, restarting hearts and lungs, etc. 
I keep insinuating she is an "influencer" because of her well-honed "instinct" to video everything and post everything online. I would make a terrible influencer. Firstly, because I look like shits. Secondly, because only after everything is over, will I say, "damn! I should have video-ed that!"
Anyway, this is pretty swift justice, but I think it does not mean that all cases will be resolved as quickly, This is a relatively minor case, and the facts are not in dispute (at least I do not think the convict challenged the facts of the case - if she did, I doubt that she could produce corroborating evidence for her part. Even her videos might be incriminating.) But the prosecutor really threw the book at her, including additional charges against her for false declaration on her work permit. That was icing on the cake. But it allowed for her to be deported. ]

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