Friday, March 11, 2011

Executed Filipino maid's sons get life for peddling drugs

Mar 11, 2011

LOS BAÑOS (LAGUNA): The three sons of Filipino maid Flor Contemplacion, who was executed in Singapore 16 years ago, were sentenced last week to life imprisonment for selling illegal drugs.

Judge Agripino Morga of San Pablo City in Laguna province said in a phone interview on Tuesday that the three were also fined 500,000 pesos (S$14,600) each in a decision he promulgated last week.

Those convicted were Sandrex, 37, and 30-year-old twins Joel and Jun-jun.

They are the children of Contemplacion, who was hanged in Singapore in 1995 for killing fellow Filipino maid Delia Maga and Mrs Maga's four-year-old Singaporean ward Nicholas Huang.

The brothers have until next Wednesday to appeal the court's decision, Mr Morga said.

The brothers were arrested in a sting operation carried out by the local city police and anti-drug agents at a village in San Pablo City in October 2005.

Contemplacion's husband, Efren, and his live-in partner, Violeta, remain in jail, also in San Pablo City, after they were arrested for drug pushing in 2008.

A 2005 police report said the Contemplacion siblings were arrested in the family's compound in San Pablo City after selling 3,000 pesos worth of shabu, the local reference to methamphetamine hydrochloride.

Several paraphernalia used in sniffing shabu were recovered from them, according to the police.

The three denied involvement in illegal drugs, police said.

The compound where they were arrested was acquired by the Contemplacion family with money given to them by government officials after their mother was executed.


[So is the point of the story that violence and criminal inclinations run in the family? Or that without a mother the children has turned out to be drug pushers?]

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