Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music - Tim Rice

I don’t get people who jog, run or walk around on the streets with music in their ears because for me, you’re neither appreciating what you’re doing, which is walking or running, nor are you really appreciating your music. Music becomes background and it’s just wallpaper.

I like to sit down and put a record on, preferably with a needle and scratches, or at least listen to it and read the sleeve notes and enjoy the music. And if you’re walking around the streets – apart from the fact that you might get mugged or hit by a car without hearing it — even if you’re being bored, I think it’s good to appreciate what it’s like being bored.

I mean you’re still bored if you’ve got the music on. Except that you don’t think you are being bored. So you’re bored and you’re being stupid. -- Sir Tim Rice

Very Tao-Zen. Be in the moment.

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