Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arizona passes 'birther' bill, amid Obama questions

Apr 16, 2011


LOS ANGELES - ARIZONA is set to become the first US state to force presidential hopefuls to prove their citizenship, after deputies agreed the move highlighted by questions over President Barack Obama's birthplace.

Governor Jan Brewer has five days to sign into law a bill passed by Arizona's legislature late on Thursday that requires presidential candidates to prove they are US citizens to get on the state ballot.

'It's essential that we bring back the integrity to the office,' Republican state lawmaker Judy Burges said during a debate on the so-called 'birther' measures, agreed by a wide margin in a vote by deputies.

Ms Brewer's office did not immediately say when she plans to sign House Bill 2177. She can either sign it, veto it or do nothing and allow it to come into force, The Arizona Republic reported.

[A congresswoman was shot by a mentally unstable young man. Gun control issues, mental healthcare issues, law enforcement issues -- nope. Let's go after a fictitious issue. US democracy at work.]

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