Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interesting Perspective

Extract from link above:

The point of this blog is that this journey opened my eyes to the humanity of women who do this kind of work. Before I criss-crossed Nevada visiting brothels I had a predictable response to prostitutes. They were messed up and misguided. Who could possibly do this kind of work? Why would anyone sell their body to a stranger unless they needed the money to finance a drug addiction? They must have a crushing amount of baggage that would lead them to this lifestyle. And, of course, many do. But the ladies we met in the rural and suburban brothels that dot the landscape were attractive, smart, friendly, savvy, confident and defied stereotypes. Most were not fallen women without other options. Many were educated and had goals in mind. They were wives and mothers. This was a means to a different end. And at least in the brothels, pursuing their careers as independent contractors, they were confident and satisfied. Now I'm certain the lives of women who do this illegally, on the streets, is much more dangerous and seedy. But in the safety of the legal brothels we found women who do this with class and dignity.

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