Saturday, May 17, 2014

Singapore must be a home, not just a marketplace, says President

May 17

SINGAPORE — To provide an environment for people to thrive, the Government will continue to upgrade Housing and Development Board estates and connect them to a more extensive and convenient transport network. It will also continue to integrate the heartlands with green corridors and waterways, as well as sports and leisure facilities, said President Tony Tan yesterday, reiterating that the Republic must be a home to its people and cannot be only a marketplace in the global economy.

“We will create a living environment where all Singaporeans enjoy a better quality of life ... We will also enrich our lives through vibrant arts and cultural pursuits,” Dr Tan said.

“For every one of us, it is first and foremost our home, where we sink our roots, raise our families and share life’s ups and downs together with one another. Singapore must be a home that endears, with an active citizenry dedicated to creating our shared future.”

Dr Tan also touched on the integration of new immigrants and foreigners. Noting that these groups also contribute to society and the economy, he said: “Let us treat them with graciousness, kindness and fellowship, even as we expect them to respect our values and our Singaporean way of life. This spirit will enable us to progress and prosper together.”

Singapore must remain a place “where people of different races, religions and backgrounds live harmoniously together and where we embrace one another as fellow Singaporeans, working together for a common purpose and a shared future”, added Dr Tan.


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