Wednesday, May 4, 2016

News Reaction: Chee disses Murali

Chee has been reported to have said about his opponent: "There is very little Mr Murali can do about the plight of our elderly because it is the policies of his party that have caused the elderly to lead such miserable lives."

Online Comment:
Even if we take your words at face value, even if we concede that the plight of our elderly is because of the policies of the PAP, the ruling party, what is your solution? Win one by-election, get into parliament, finally get a good paying job, work full-time as an MP (as opposed to working part-time as an MP and writing books full-time? G. R. R. Martin, you are not. J.K. Rowling you are not.), and somehow by yourself, or even with the other opposition MPs, you will convince the PAP to change their policies? 
If Murali cannot do it, you in opposition to the govt can?
And you say you will fight very hard for Retrenchment Insurance. Why fight? Do it! You don't need parliament to agree to a retrenchment insurance. Go to insurance companies. Ask them to work out what is the risk and premiums needed to cover various retrenchment risks. Get a tentative quote and policy details. Then go to various companies or employers and sell them on the idea of retrenchment insurance for their employees. Yes, it is a lot of work, but someone has committed himself to be a full time insurance agen-- I mean, full-time MP right? To fight for the rights of the workers right? 
To relieve the plight of the elderly right? 
So are you all talk in parliament, and at rallies, or are you going to walk the talk and do what you CAN do, or just wayang in parliament and play the persecuted martyr? 
Do you think LKY became PM because he only talked a good talk at the rallies? He also walked the talk. He worked with trade unions and workers and defended their rights and worked for their welfare. Not simply by talking the good talk at rallies. But with REAL work. And the people knew it and appreciated it, and respected him for it.

Talk will only get you so far. And all I am hearing is talk. And promises to talk even more if you get into parliament.
But you know what? I do hope you win. Because people have forgotten who you were, and I am a "show me" kind of person. And the best way you can show me that you are the changed man you claim to be is to see what you do when you get into parliament. And I don't live in Bukit Batok, so I am just a curious bystander.

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