Monday, May 23, 2016

Positive News - 23 May 2016

News of Hope and Love, Monday 23 May 2016

These were the "Good" News of love and hope from Facebook

1) Sad news. In Sabah, a 15-yr-old girl died while trying to save her grandmother from a fire.
"The charred remains of Nurul Farhana Zulkifli, 15, was found in an embrace with her 86-year-old grandmother, Tiah Awang near the main door."
Selfless love.

2) In Singapore, an ex-drug addict gave his girlfriend the gift of one of his kidney. They will be getting married soon. She had been on the waiting list for a kidney for 10 years after an autoimmune disease cause hers to fail.
"I figured that even if my health fails after that, better to have two of us around for that short span of time than me having two kidneys yet end up losing her,"
Maybe you don't believe in "True Love". But the path of this "love" did not run smooth. The couple are 47 years old. Not old, but certainly no spring chickens. But their story is inspiring and heartwarming. "May they be so completely One."

3) Construction worker (FW) publishes book of poetry.
struck by the "universality" of Mr Mukul's thoughts on loneliness, missing home and being invisible in a different land. "I am reminded of some Singapore pioneers who came from China and built a new Singapore, yet never lost their culture and love for the country of their birth and the memories there."

4) Sisters' Island Marine Park
The 40ha Sisters' Islands Marine Park... supports corals, anemones, seahorses, fish and other marine life.
With the help of a $500,000 donation from HSBC, a turtle hatchery will be set up on Small Sister's Island by the end of next year.

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